Let's Do This! Together!

There's a lot of TaiJi out there... And much of it claiming to be "The Only! The Best!" It's an art (and a skill) whose ancient origins are obscured by the passage of time and the profusion of competing marketing messages and national, regional, racial and familial branding attempts! It's myth, legend and a lot of selling: making it hard to find the truth.

Our workshops provide context, access and comparison for our Students, Friends and Honored Guests. It's an atmosphere of friendly, neutral, open exchange; free of hype. TaiJi is served too, as everyone discovers more of the great art.

Our Home Teachers: Aaron, Jen and Tom are here every Saturday at 9:00 AM for Beginning and Advanced Class and Tea with the Masters. Let's build a solid foundation, and lay the groundwork for lifelong study, and expand our world by being great hosts.
Our regular workshops with Honored Guest Instructors will allow you to see the best, teaching the best; in great surroundings. Each quarter, we'll be hosting a workshop with a standard format, allowing you to expand your awareness of the art, and broaden your exposure and understanding. Accommodations and restaurants are in walking distance, so the commute is minimal and the exposure is great.

Honored Guest Instructors:
Can you use a little help? How about powerful teaching tools, nice hosts, and comfortable accommodations? Your life is about teaching TaiJi! But the schools, hotels and countries can become a blur... Consider us a safe haven to gather and charge up your Chi, while demonstrating your mastery -- assisted by helpful people, in an elegant and comfortable place.

House of TaiJi:
Students, Friends, Teachers and TaiJi


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